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Holiday cards!!!


So once again it is that time of year where we spread joy and cheer and to do so I will once again be sending out Holiday cards for whatever winter holiday you celebrate! Even if you don't celebrate anything I can write you a little message on cute stationary paper with stickers and doodles!
  • I will send cards/letters/drabbles (whatever you want really i guess) to anyone! Even if we don't really know each other or haven't talked in a while I will send you something!
  • I will send cards/letters/drabbles to anyWHERE! Last year I sent a girl in France a card. It's really no big deal at all. I have money. I work. I like you guys. Don't be shy!!
  • You don't have to send one back! I get it. Really I do. My mom was very controlling over what I spent my money on and who I was sending mail to so you really don't have to give me anything back unless you want to and have the resources/money. 
  • I won't give out any of your information to other people or use it to send you anything else. Unless we're close enough (or you want to be) that you want to be penpals or send birthday gifts, I won't use your private information to spam you. I'll have it written down in a notebook and once the holidays are over I will send it through a paper shredder. No worries!
  • All comments here will be SCREENED so only I will be able to see your request. Once again no worries~
  • Copy, paste and fill out the little form in the mini scroll box and you are good to go! 

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