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Trade Log Archive

trading collecting&keeping trade archive activity



haleyrenee traded their photo-ohboy04 + member card for my vixx11 + member card
lara traded their photo-ohboy02 + member card for my photo-lupin12 + member card


Emily traded their sulli07 + member card for my bomi06 + member card
byul traded their sulli19 for my
melinda traded their sulli03 + member card for my mv-babygoodnight05 + member card
Xiao traded their
photo-ohboy06 + member card for my sojin03 + member card

Show traded their photo-ohboy08 for my key15
Savannah traded their
photo-ohboy10 + member card for my mv-maninlovejv05 + member card


Chantsing traded their suzy15 + member card for my mv-humanoids16 + member card
Mirabel traded their fx11 + member card for my leesoohyuk10 + member card

Sasha traded their photo-ohboy01 + photo-socialite09 + member card for my kyuhyun09 + mv-lucifer16 + member card
gwiboon traded their mv-whatshappening12 + member card for my special-sportsboys18 + member card
Emoly traded their mv-whatshappening07 + member card for my jia07 + member card
jettie traded their iu14 + photo-hyde14 + member card for my eunjung11 + photo-mynameis4minute01 + member card
Eriq traded their suzy04 + member card for my taecyeon12 + member card

-cut for 30 trades-

melinda traded their nana08 + nana16 + mv-rumpumpumpum12 + mv-rumpumpumpum19 for my donghae13 + taeyeon18 + mv-whatshappening07 + andy17
hannah traded their fx15 + leo17 + member card for my gyuri16 + jongup11+ member card

Cassidy traded their suzy10 + hongbin15 + member card for my juniel14 + juniel15 + member card
megan traded their photo-ohboy014 + member card for my leechangmin17 + member card
Kaylee traded their jiyeon01 + jiyeon20 + jisook14 for my missa13 + special-paris11 + mv-lucifer04
haleyrenee traded their nana20 + taemin06 for my hongbin15 + ken19

jjongduck traded their sulli13 + photo-phboy11 + member card for my jaejoong13 + photo-pressplay10 + member card
linnie traded their sungmin08 + sulli11 + member card for my photo-cottoncandy03 + kahi16 + member card
jessica traded their photo-socialite01 + member card for my orangecaramel03 + member card
Emily traded their suzy20 for my photo-pressplay09

yunnasu traded their fx20 + member card for my mv-maboy12 + member card

lara traded their suzy05 for my jisook14
haleyrenee traded their photo-ohboy09 for my mv-twinkle09
-cut for 30 trades-

haleyrenee traded their donghae02 for my hongbin16
alison traded their suzy08 + member card for my mv-sexylady04 + member card
contagion traded their orangecaramel10 + member card for my brianjoo18 + member card
haleyrenee traded their special-yougotsomenerve16 for my zhoumi16

(i didn't see some of these trades went through until now)
Haddash traded their photo-socialite02 + member card for my gyuri04 + member card
THEHUN traded their photo-socialite08 + mv-rumpumpumpum06 + mv-rumpumpumpum17 + ravi15 + member card for my b1a416 + exok06 + mv-paradise11 + photo-summerblue02 + member card
jess traded their photo-socialite07 for my gain06
caitlin traded their suzy13 for my kangminhyuk06
Chantsing traded their special-yougotsomenerve17 for my nana16
Puu traded their leo05 + member card for my donghae02 + member card

Haley traded their photo-socialite04 + photo-ohboy13 for my jea05 + jea10
lara traded their photo-ohboy03 + suzy16 for my mv-damagedlady01 + orangecaramel10

toastyb traded their sulli02 + tiffany19 + jiyeon05 + yuri01 + special-yougotsomenerve01 + member card for my mv-mondayafternoonjv05 + mv-mondayafternoonjv06 + mv-lovingu17 + kangnam12 + mv-nillilimambo17 + member card
sammy traded their photo-virgin05 for my hongbin19
sammy traded their hyoyeon15 for my iu18
-cut for 30 trades-

haleyrenee traded their tiffany07 for my tablo04
haleyrenee traded their photo-socialite10 for my mv-badgirl09
jettie traded their photo-socialite05 for my mv-withoutyou03
lindsay traded their ken07 for my rapmonster06

alison traded their jia06 for my ravi08
zooya traded their jiyeon03 for my mv-withoutyou11
yuuti traded their kai14 + member card for my mv-twinkle06 + member card
Emily traded their suzy03 for my l12
Priscilla traded their jiyeon06 + special-yougotsomenerve11 + sehun15 + tao13 + vixx07 + member card for my mv-yoohoo02 + mv-yoohoo14 + mv-lovingu05 + mv-eatyouup17 + photo-dreamgirl17 + member card
lara traded their tiffany05 for my mv-wolf17

Woody traded their suzy06 + yura13 + member card for my photo-runtoyou11 + photo-runtoyou16 + member card
stef traded their leo14 for my superjuniorkry14
(Total Trades: 109)

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